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Sofa Express charges a fee of 52.50 incl 21% VAT,
for this base rate you will receive:

1 Driver with bus (load length 2.65 m width 1.60 m height 1.35 m) to 1.5 Hour and 75 km Fri

Waiting (not the help and unloading!) 10, - per quarter.

extra km's € 0.46 c 21% VAT

This rate will be too and back driving km's / time, location Amsterdam 1098, included.

Here are some examples:

Customer lives in Amsterdam within the A10 and would have something shipped within the A10
Our offer: Costs: 35, -

Customer lives in Amsterdam wants bank retrieved in Maarssen,
departure Sofa Express in 1098 Adam Maarssen distance over 35 km and 35 km back (total 70 km)
+ And unloading: Cost: € 52.50

Customer lives in Breda and
wants a dresser be picked up from Amsterdam and delivered in Breda: Sofa Express retrieves bank in Amsterdam delivers couch in Breda.
distance in Adam 15 km from Amsterdam - Breda - Amsterdam 210 km.
A total of 225 km and 3 hours of work: 2x Base rate a 52.50 km incl.150
75 km extra a 0.46c € 34.50 Shipping costs: € 139.50

At distances of more than 300 km in total
Sofa express  counts a rate of € 0.46 c p. km.

Customer lives in Alkmaar wants cabinet picked up in Maastricht and be delivered in Alkmaar.

Amsterdam-Maastricht - Alkmaar - Amsterdam total of 512 km a
0.46c =  Costs: 235, -

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