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About Sofa Express

Welcome to the website of Sofa Express, the furniture transporter of choice!

Sofa Express specializes in transporting your furniture whether it's your couch, sofa, armchair, sofa, dining table / chairs, bookcase or box spring Sofa Express transports it to you with the utmost care!

We work for furniture retailers and individuals. So if you have a new bank purchased through marketplace
either on the woonboulevard but you dread the transport of your purchase please contact Sofa Express and we will arrange it for you from A to Z.

Sofa Express is not a moving company, we have chosen to
help transports goods from our customers to transport them at the same day but atleast in a time window of 24 hours. Removals require too much planning to actual succeed.

Rollover for a quote on "Rates" You also find several numerical examples.

Should you have any questions contact us via the contact form or call us at the above number.